The Virginia Student Environmental Coalition is a network of students and young people (currently ranging 18-24) across the state of Virginia organizing the youth climate movement in our state. VSEC builds a united front of young people confronting climate injustice in all its forms, while also tending to our communities and nurturing new forms of relationship.  


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We constantly meet young people who are willing and eager to drop everything and work full-time for climate action in Virginia. It is imperative that we meaningfully engage many more people into leadership than we could ever hire as staff to our organization. Our organization’s budget covers all food, transportation and accommodation costs to support young people to work full-time with us for a semester, a year, or longer.

Volunteer Organizing Program

The Summer Organizing Program is a summer long program for dedicated young people to live, eat, and organize collectively for climate justice in Virginia. The program began in the summer of 2016 and we’ve since held three successful "SOPs". This past summer, the program grew to support over 45 people in four different cities in Virginia involving students from seven different universities.

Summer Organizing Program

Our Movement Training Program focuses include hard skills like facilitation, the history of extraction in Virginia, the development of our political voice, the creation of effective interventions to the status quo, and the ability to envision a just transition to a new energy economy. We also send our young leaders to training retreats at the Momentum Training Institute, The Relational Center, Training for Change, Wellstone Action, & Greenpeace Action Camp.

Movement Training Program